Cleaning the Lower Receiver

• Wipe dirt from the firing mechanism with a clean patch and general purpose brush/pipe cleaners.

• Clean the outside of the receiver with the general purpose brush and CLP. Clean the buttplate and rear sling swivel, ensuring the drain hole is clear of dirt.

• Wipe the inside of the buffer tube, buffer, and action spring.

• Wipe the inside of the magazine well with a rag.

• Wipe out the inside of the pistol grip, ensuring it is clean.

(5) Cleaning the Magazine. Clean the inside of the magazine with the general purpose brush and CLP. Wipe dry. Keep the spring lightly oiled.

c. Inspection. While cleaning the rifle, and during each succeeding step in the preventive maintenance process, inspect each part for cracks and chips and to ensure parts are not bent or badly worn. Report any damaged part to the armorer. Inspection is a critical step to ensure the combat readiness of your rifle. It is performed normally during rifle cleaning (prior to lubrication), however, it can be performed throughout the preventive maintenance process.

d. Lubrication. Lubrication is performed as part of the detailed procedure for preventive maintenance. Lubrication procedures are also performed in preparation for firing.

(1) Lubricant. In all but the coldest arctic conditions, CLP is the lubricant for the rifle. Remember to remove excess CLP from the bore and chamber before firing.

• Lightly lube means that a film of CLP barely visible to the eye should be applied.

• Generously lube means that the CLP should be applied heavily enough that it can be spread with the finger.

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