double feed. The attempted simultaneous feeding of multiple rounds from the magazine.

dry fire. Aiming, cocking, and squeezing the trigger of an unloaded rifle in order to practice firing.

detailed search. Method for conducting a systematic search of an area for specific target indicators.

eye relief. The distance between the rear sight aperture and the aiming eye. F

function check. Procedure used to ensure the rifle operates properly.

flag method. Procedure used to determine wind velocity and direction on a Known Distance (KD) range.

field expedient battlesight zeroing. Process used to zero the rifle at 36 yards when a 300-yard range is not available.

gas operated. A self-loading firearm that utilizes the expanding force of the propellant's powder gases to extract a fired cartridge case and insert a fresh cartridge while cocking the gun and making it ready to fire.

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