Field Expedient Battlesight Zeroing

19 BZO is the elevation and windage setting established at 300 yards that enables a Marine to engage

20 point targets from 0-300 yards under ideal weather conditions. If a 300-yard range is not

21 available, a field expedient BZO can be established at a reduced range of 36 yards. When a rifle is

22 zeroed for 300 yards, the bullet crosses the line of sight twice. It first crosses the line of sight on

23 its upward path of trajectory at 36 yards, and again farther down range at 300 yards (see figure

24 9-15). Therefore a rifle's BZO may be established at a distance of 36 yards and the same BZO

25 will be effective at 300 yards. If a BZO at 300 meters is desirable, the distance to zero the rifle

26 for a field expedient BZO is 30 meters.

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