Field Maintenance

Preventive maintenance in the field is performed when detailed disassembly and cleaning is not practical due to operational tempo or the level of threat. To perform limited field preventive maintenance:

• Place the rifle in Condition 4 (see paragraph 3002).

• Break the rifle down by removing the rear take down pin and rotating the upper receiver and barrel forward.

• Remove the bolt carrier group.

• Do not disassemble the bolt carrier group further.

• Clean the bolt carrier group.

• Clean the upper and lower receiver groups (without further disassembly).

• Clean the bore and chamber.

• Lubricate the rifle.

• Reassemble the rifle and perform a user serviceability inspection. 2010. Cleaning the Rifle in Abnormal Conditions

The climatic conditions in various locations require special knowledge about cleaning and maintaining the rifle. The conditions that will affect the rifle the most are: hot, wet tropical; hot, dry desert; arctic or low temperature; and heavy rain and fording.

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