Figure Brass Obstructing the Chamber

• Seek cover if the tactical situation permits.

• Attempt to remove the magazine.

• Attempt to lock the bolt to the rear.

• If the bolt will not lock to the rear, rotate the rifle so the ejection port is facing down; hold the charging handle to the rear as far as it will go and shake the rifle to free the round(s). If the rounds do not shake free, hold the charging handle to the rear and strike the butt of the rifle on the ground or manually clear the round.

b. Audible Pop or Reduced Recoil. An audible pop occurs when only a portion of the propellant is ignited. It is normally identifiable by reduced recoil and a lower report. This is sometimes accompanied by excessive smoke escaping from the chamber area. To clear the rifle in a combat environment:

• Place the rifle in Condition 4.

• Remove the bolt carrier group.

• Inspect the bore for an obstruction from the chamber end.

• Insert a cleaning rod into the bore from the muzzle end and clear the obstruction.

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