Figure Cleaning Materials

19 (2) Cleaning the Upper Receiver. Basic cleaning of the upper receiver group should

20 include the following:

21 • Attach the three rod sections together but leave each one about two turns short of

22 being tight.

23 • Attach the patch holder onto the rod.

24 • Point the muzzle down and insert the non-patch end of the rod into the chamber.

25 Attach the handle to the cleaning rod section and pull a CLP-moistened 5.56mm patch

26 through the bore.

1 • Attach the bore brush to the rod but leave it two turns short of being tight. Put a few

2 drops of CLP on the bore brush. Insert the rod into the barrel from the chamber end,

3 attach the handle, and pull the brush through the bore.

4 • Inspect the bore for cleanliness by holding the muzzle to your eye and looking into the

5 bore.

6 • Repeat the above steps until the patches come out of the bore clean.

7 • Attach the chamber brush and one section of the cleaning rod to the handle. Moisten

8 it well with CLP and insert it into the chamber.

9 • Scrub the chamber and bolt lugs using a combination of a plunging and clockwise

10 rotating action.

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