Figure Elements of Zeroing

a. Line of Sight. The line of sight is a straight line which begins at the center of the eye, proceeds through the center of the rear sight aperture, and passes across the tip of the front sight post to an aiming point on a target.

b. Aiming Point. The aiming point is the precise point where the tip of the front sight post is placed in relationship to the target.

c. Centerline of the Bore. Centerline of the bore is an imaginary straight line beginning at the chamber end of the barrel, proceeding out of the muzzle, and continuing indefinitely.

d. Trajectory. In flight, a bullet does not follow a straight line but travels in a curve or arc which is called trajectory. Trajectory is the path a bullet travels to the target. As the bullet exits the muzzle it travels on an upward path, intersecting the line of sight (because the sights are above the muzzle). As the bullet travels farther, it begins to drop and intersects the line of sight again.

e. Range. Range is the known distance from the rifle to the target.

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