Figure Open Leg Sitting Position with Loop Sling

2 • Position your body at approximately a 30-degree angle to the target.

3 • Place your feet approximately shoulder width apart.

4 • Place your left hand under the handguard.

5 • Bend at the knees while breaking your fall with your right hand.

6 • Push backward with your feet to extend your legs and place your buttocks on the ground.

7 • Place your left elbow on the inside of your left knee.

8 • Grasp the rifle butt with your right hand and place the rifle butt into your right shoulder

9 pocket.

10 • Lower your right elbow to the inside of your right knee.

11 • Lower your head and place your cheek firmly against the stock to allow the aiming eye to

12 look through the rear sight aperture.

13 • Move your left hand to a location under the handguard which provides maximum bone

14 support and stability of the weapon. Slight muscle tension of the legs may be required to

15 support the rifle. To adjust for elevation:

16 • Move the left hand rearward or forward on the handguards (moving the hand

17 rearward elevates the muzzle).

18 • Open or close the "V" of the left hand for small adjustments (closing the "V"

19 elevates the muzzle).

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