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c. Precipitation. Precipitation (rain, snow, hail, sleet) can affect target engagement, a Marine's comfort level, and a Marine's ability to concentrate. The amount and type of precipitation may obscure or completely hide the target and it may reduce a Marine's ability to establish an accurate sight picture. Precipitation collecting on the rear sight aperture can make it difficult to establish sight alignment and sight picture. Protect the sights as much as possible during periods of precipitation. It is easy to lose concentration when wet and uncomfortable. Proper dress reduces the effects of precipitation on the Marine.

d. Light. Light conditions can change the appearance of a target. Light affects each Marine differently. Light can affect range estimation, visual acuity, or the placement of the tip of the front sight on the target. By maintaining a center of mass hold, the effects of light can be reduced.

(1) Bright Light. Bright light conditions exist under a clear blue sky with no fog or haze present to filter the sunlight. Bright light can make a target appear smaller and farther away. As a result, it is easy to overestimate range. Loss of visual acuity can cause surroundings to bleed into the actual target making it seem indistinct. Maintaining a center of mass hold, regardless of how indistinct the target appears, ensures the best chances for an effective shot.

(2) Overcast. An overcast condition exists when a solid layer of clouds obstructs the sun. The amount of available light changes as the overcast thickens. Overcast conditions can make a target appear larger and closer. As a result, it is easy to underestimate range. During a light overcast, the target appears very distinct and the rifle sights appear very distinct, making it easy to establish sight alignment. As the overcast thickens, it becomes difficult to identify the target from the surroundings.

(3) Haze. Hazy conditions exist when fog, dust, humidity, or smoke are present. Hazy conditions can make a target appear indistinct making it difficult to establish sight picture.

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