Figure Pie Technique

• Continue taking small side steps and moving out from cover until a target is identified or the area is found to be clear.

• When a target is identified, sweep the safety, place the finger on the trigger, and engage the target.

b. Rollout Technique. To perform the rollout technique:

• Staying behind cover, move back and position the body so it is in line with the leading edge of the cover, ensuring that no part of the body extends beyond the cover.

• Assume a firing position and come to the Ready, ensuring the muzzle is just behind the cover.

• Canting the head and weapon slightly, roll the upper body out to the side just enough to have a clear field of view and allow the muzzle to clear the cover. Keeping the feet in place, push up on the ball of one foot to facilitate rolling out. See figure 6-32.

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