Figure Position of Left Elbow

28 (2) Rifle Butt in the Pocket of the Shoulder. Place the rifle butt firmly into the pocket

29 formed in the right shoulder. This provides resistance to recoil, helps steady the rifle, and

30 prevents the rifle butt from slipping in the shoulder during firing. Consistent placement of the

31 rifle butt in the shoulder pocket is essential to maintaining a BZO and firing tight shot groups.

32 (a) With the hasty sling donned, the placement of the buttstock in the shoulder will be

33 lower than when not using a sling, affecting the Marine's eye relief. However, the butt

34 should be placed high in the shoulder to achieve a proper stock weld. Placing the weapon

35 high in the shoulder allows the Marine to bring the stock up to his head, rather than lower

1 his head to the stock which can degrade acquisition of sight alignment and sight picture.

2 See figure 5-9.

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