Figure Position of Left Hand

17 • When the forward hand's wrist is straight and locked, it creates resistance on the

18 sling close to the muzzle. This resistance allows the muzzle to be stabilized. In

19 contrast, when the rifle rests across the palm of the hand, the only resistance

20 created is where the sling meets the triceps. Since the resistance is further from

21 the muzzle of the rifle, it makes stabilizing the rifle more difficult.

22 (c) Because the forward hand is extended on the handguards, the left elbow and triceps

23 will not be inverted against the rib cage; the left elbow will be pushed outboard against the

24 tension of the sling. Muscular tension applied outboard against the sling will serve to

25 stabilize the rifle sights. The position of the left elbow will cause the shooter's body

26 position to be more squared to the target. See figure 5-8.

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