Figure Pulling the Charging Handle with the Right Hand

10 • To ensure ammunition has been chambered, conduct a chamber check if the tactical

11 situation permits (see paragraph 3003).

12 • Check the sights (to ensure proper BZO setting, correct rear sight aperture, etc.).

13 • Close the ejection port cover (if time and situation permit).

14 3007. Fire. On the command "Fire," aim the rifle, take the rifle off safe, and pull the trigger.

15 3008. Cease Fire. On the command "Cease Fire," perform the following steps:

16 • Place your trigger finger straight along the receiver.

18 3009. Unloading the Rifle. Perform the following steps to unload the rifle (take the rifle to

19 Condition 4):

20 • Attempt to place the weapon on safe.

21 • Remove the magazine from the rifle and retain it on your person.

22 • While cupping the left hand under the ejection port, rotate the weapon until the ejection

23 port is facing down.

24 • Pull the charging handle to the rear and catch the round in the left hand (see figure 3-6).

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