Figure Seven Factors with the Hasty Sling

1 (1) Left Hand. The placement of the forward hand affects placement of the left elbow, eye

2 relief, stock weld, and sling tension.

3 (a) To maximize the support provided by the hasty sling, the forward hand, wrist, and

4 forearm should be straight with the wrist locked in place; the hand is rotated up so the rifle

5 rests in the "V" formed by the thumb and index finger; the fingers will not normally curl

6 around the handguards. Instead, they will pinch the handguard slightly to keep the hand

7 from slipping on the handguard during recoil.

8 (b) Forward hand placement must be adjusted to stabilize the front sight of the rifle. The

9 rifle can be stabilized using the hasty sling in two ways:

10 • The tension on the sling created by the hasty sling causes the center of balance to

11 change on the rifle. With the hasty sling donned, the sling pulls down on the sling

12 swivel disrupting the center of balance and causing the muzzle to drop. When the

13 Marine is using a hasty sling, the forward hand must be extended on the

14 handguards to center the balance of the rifle and counteract the downward tension

15 at the muzzle. See figure 5-7.

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