Figure Stock Weld

29 (6) Breathing. Breathing causes movement of the chest and a corresponding movement in

30 the rifle and its sights. To minimize this movement and the effect it has on aim, learn to

31 control breathing and extend the natural respiratory pause for a few seconds during the final

32 aiming and firing process. Do not extend the natural respiratory pause for an uncomfortable

33 period. This can cause blurry vision and will decrease the ability to deliver well-aimed shots.

34 (7) Muscular Tension. With the hasty sling donned, the Marine must apply an amount of

35 controlled muscular tension in the left arm to keep the sling taut and stabilize the weapon.

36 The muscular tension is applied outward against the sling rather than in an effort to hold the rifle up. However, muscular tension should not be excessive to cause the Marine to shake, tremble, or fatigue.

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