Figure Tracking Method

13 (2) The Ambush Method. The ambush method is used when it is difficult to track the target

14 with the rifle, as in the prone or sitting position. The lead required to effectively engage the

15 target determines the engagement point. With the sights settled, the target moves into the

16 predetermined engagement point and creates the desired sight picture. See figure 10-11. The

17 trigger is pulled simultaneously with the establishment of sight picture. To execute the

18 ambush method, a Marine performs the following steps:

19 • Select an aiming point ahead of the target.

21 • Obtain sight alignment on the aiming point.

23 • Hold sight alignment until the target moves into vision and the desired sight picture is

24 established.

26 • Engage the target once sight picture is acquired.

28 • Follow-through so the rifle sights are not disturbed as the bullet exits the muzzle.

29 A variation of the ambush method can be used when engaging a stop and go target. A

30 Marine should look for a pattern of exposure; e.g., every 15 seconds. Once a pattern is

31 determined, a Marine establishes a lead by aiming at a point in front of the area in which

32 the target is expected to appear, then he fires the shot at the moment the target appears.

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