Figure Trajectory and Point of Aim Point of Impact

(2) Windage. Predetermined points of aim sector the target vertically (see figure 10-7). The tip of the front sight post centered on the leading edge of the target is considered one point of aim; the trailing edge of the front sight post held on the leading edge of the target is considered two points of aim. The same units of measure are applied off the target for holds of additional points of aim. These points of aim are used to compensate for wind affecting the strike of the round and when there is no time to adjust the rifle's sights, or when a lead is required to engage a moving target (points of aim for moving targets are discussed in paragraph 10007b3). Figure 10-8 provides points of aim for full value winds.

Figure 10-7. Points of Aim for Windage.

Points of




Light (0-5 mph)

0-300 yd/m


Strong (16-25 mph)

0-200 yd/m


Medium (6-15 mph)

200-300 yd/m


Strong (16-25 mph)

200-300 yd/m


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