Hasty Sling

a. Application. The hasty sling is used in all firing positions. The hasty sling is advantageous in combat because it can be acquired quickly and it provides added stability to the rifle.

(1) The hasty sling can be easily assumed and acquired quickly.

(2) The same sling setting can be used for all firing positions.

(3) If properly adjusted, the hasty sling supports the weight of the weapon and provides maximum stability for the rifle and reduces the effects of the rifle's recoil.

(4) When using the hasty sling, controlled muscle tension is applied to offer resistance against the sling. Resistance against the hasty sling controls the point at which the rifle sights will settle.

b. Donning the Hasty Sling. To form the hasty sling, a Marine performs the following steps:

• Hold the rifle vertical with the barrel pointing upward.

• Unhook the J-hook from the lower sling swivel.

• Loosen the sling keeper.

• Adjust the sling until the J-hook hangs below the butt of the rifle. (The distance will vary based on the individual Marine, but the J-hook will usually hang approximately 3 - 10 inches below the butt.) See figure 5-1.

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