Kneeling Position

2 a. Description. The kneeling position is quick to assume and easy to maneuver from. It is

3 usually assumed after initial engagement has been made from a standing position. It can easily be

4 adapted to available cover. A tripod is formed by the left foot, right foot, and right knee when the

5 Marine assumes the position. This gives the Marine a stable foundation for shooting. The

6 kneeling position also presents a higher profile to facilitate a better field of view as compared to

7 the prone and sitting positions.

8 b. Assuming the Kneeling Position. The kneeling position can be assumed by either moving

9 forward or dropping back into position, depending on the combat situation. For example, it may

10 be necessary to drop back into position to avoid crowding cover, or to avoid covering uncleared

11 terrain.

12 (1) Moving Forward into Position. To move forward into the kneeling position, the

13 Marine steps forward toward the target with his left foot and assumes the kneeling position.

14 (2) Dropping Back into Position. To drop back into the kneeling position, the Marine

15 leaves his left foot in place and steps backward with his right foot and assumes the kneeling

16 position.

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