Placement of the Buttstock in the Shoulder Placement of the buttstock in the shoulder

14 pocket may have to be altered due to the mask's added bulk. If the rifle is canted, a Marine

15 may place the buttstock of the rifle just outside of the pocket to achieve sight alignment.

16 Holding the rifle straight is the preferred method of obtaining sight alignment. However, if

17 sight alignment cannot be achieved in this position, a Marine may alter the hold of the rifle to

18 bring the aiming eye in line with the sights. Canting the rifle drastically affects the rifle's zero.

19 A Marine should cant the rifle only as much as is needed to obtain a good stock weld and

20 proper sight alignment. If the rifle is canted, the point of impact may not coincide with the

21 point of aim. For example, when wearing the mask, a right-handed Marine's point of impact is

22 usually high and to the left of center mass (for a left-handed Marine, high and to the right of

23 center mass). Therefore a Marine has to offset aim an equal and opposite distance low and to

24 the right. See paragraph 10003a for a discussion on offset aiming and the known strike of the

25 round technique.

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