Prone Position

a. Application. The prone position provides a very steady foundation for shooting, is easy to assume, and presents a low profile for maximum concealment. However, the prone position is the least mobile of the shooting positions and may restrict a Marine's field of view for observation. In this position, the weight is evenly distributed on the elbows, providing maximum support and good stability for the rifle.

b. Assuming the Prone Position. The position can be assumed by either moving forward or dropping backward into position, depending on the combat situation. For example, it may be necessary to drop backward into position to avoid crowding cover, or to avoid covering uncleared terrain.

(1) Moving Forward into Position. To move forward into the prone position, the Marine performs the following steps:

• Stand erect, face the target, and spread your feet a comfortable distance.

• Place your left hand on the handguard, your right hand on the pistol grip.

• Lower yourself into position by dropping to both knees (see figure 5-22).

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