Search and Assess

12 After a Marine engages a target, he must immediately search the area and assess the results of his

13 engagement. Searching and assessing enables the Marine to avoid tunnel vision that can restrict

14 the focus so that an indication of other targets is overlooked.

15 a. Purpose. The Marine searches the area for additional targets or for cover. The Marine

16 assesses the situation to determine if he needs to re-engage a target, engage a new target, take

17 cover, assume a more stable position, cease engagement, etc.

18 b. Technique. The Marine moves only as fast as he is capable of delivering well-aimed shots on

19 target. The speed of engagement should not exceed physical abilities. To search and assess, a

20 Marine performs the following steps:

22 • Lower the rifle to look over the sights.

23 • Place the trigger finger straight along the receiver.

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