Searching for Targets and Engaging Them From Behind Cover

26 To locate targets when behind cover or to ensure the area is clear before moving, the Marine must

27 expose as little of himself as possible to the enemy. Additionally, the Marine must be ready to fire

28 if a target is located. There are two techniques that can be used to locate and engage targets from

29 behind cover: the pie and rollout techniques. These techniques minimize the Marine's exposure

30 to enemy fire while placing the Marine in a position to engage targets or to move to another

31 location if necessary. These techniques are also used to enter a building or structure. Both techniques are used in the kneeling and standing positions. To be accurate in engaging targets using either technique, the seven factors must be applied, i.e., the grip of the right hand must pull the weapon into the shoulder, the butt of the rifle must be firmly placed in the shoulder, stock weld must be established to allow the aiming eye to look through the rear sight.

a. Pie Technique. To perform the pie technique:

• Staying behind cover, move back and away from the leading edge of the cover. The surroundings and situation will dictate the distance you should move back and away from the cover. Generally, the further back the Marine is from cover, the greater his area of observation; staying too close to cover decreases the area of observation (see figure 6-30). However, if the Marine is too far back from cover, he can come off the leading edge of cover and it is difficult to know how much of his body is being exposed to the enemy.

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