Weapon Carries

Weapons carries provide an effective way to handle the rifle while remaining alert to enemy engagement. Weapons carries are tied to threat conditions and are assumed in response to a specific threat situation. The weapons carry assumed prepares the Marine, both mentally and physically, for target engagement. The sling provides additional support for the weapon when firing; therefore, the hasty sling should be used in conjunction with the carries.

a. Tactical Carry. A Marine carries the rifle at the Tactical Carry if no immediate threat is present. The Tactical Carry permits control of the rifle while a Marine is moving, yet it still allows quick engagement of the enemy. A Marine performs the following steps to assume the Tactical Carry:

• Place the left hand on the handguards, the right hand around the pistol grip, the trigger finger straight along the receiver (see figure 3-15), and the right thumb on top of the selector lever (see figure 3-16).

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