Weapons Transports

Weapons transports are used to carry the rifle over the back or shoulders when moving for long periods; they provide a more relaxed position for walking. Weapons transports are used if no immediate threat is present. They are also used whenever one or both hands are needed for other work.

a. Strong Side Sling Arms (Muzzle Up) Transport. To assume the strong side sling arms (muzzle up) transport from the Tactical Carry, a Marine performs the following steps (see figure 3-24):

• Release the hold on the pistol grip.

• Lower the buttstock and bring the rifle to a vertical position.

• With the right hand, grasp the sling above the left forearm.

• With the left hand, guide the rifle around the right shoulder.

• With the right hand, apply downward pressure on the sling. This stabilizes the rifle on the shoulder.

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