Acquiring and Maintaining Sight Alignment and Sight Picture

The human eye can focus clearly on only one object at a time. For accurate shooting, it is important to focus on the tip of the front sight post. When the shot is fired, focus must be on the tip of the front sight post; peripheral vision will include the rear sight and the target. The rear sight and the target will appear blurry. Staring or fixing the vision on the front sight post for longer than a few seconds can distort the image, making it difficult to detect minute errors in sight alignment.

Rifle Shooting Stock Weld Picture

Proper stock weld and placement of the rifle butt in the shoulder aid in establishing sight alignment quickly. The rifle butt's placement in the shoulder serves as the pivot point for presenting the rifle up to a fixed point on the cheek (stock weld). During combat, a Marine will look at the target as the rifle is presented. As rifle sights become level with the aiming eye, a Marine visually locates the target through the rear sight aperture. As the rifle settles, a Marine's focus shifts back to the front sight post to place the tip of the post on the target and obtain sight alignment and sight picture. To maintain sight alignment and sight picture, the Marine's focus should shift repeatedly from the front sight post to the target until correct sight alignment and sight picture are obtained. This enables the detection of minute errors in sight alignment and sight picture.

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