Battlesight Zero

Zeroing is conducted at a range of 300 yards/meters. If a 300-yard/-meter range is not available, a field expedient BZO can be established at a reduced range of 36 yards/30 meters. When a rifle is zeroed for 300 yards/ meters, the bullet crosses the line of sight twice. It first

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crosses the line of sight on its upward path of trajectory at 36 yards/30 meters, and again farther down range at 300 yards/meters (see fig. 9-13). Therefore a rifle's BZO may be established at a distance of 36 yards/30 meters and the same BZO will be effective at 300 yards/meters.

To establish a field expedient BZO at 36 yards or 30 meters when a 300-yard/-meter range is not available, a Marine performs the same steps as the zeroing process outlined in paragraph 9006. However, since wind does not affect the round at 36 yards/30 meters, windage is not added nor is it removed from the windage knob after confirming the BZO. To be accurate, the target must be placed exactly 36 yards (or 30 meters) from the muzzle of the rifle.

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