Bolt Carrier

To disassemble the bolt carrier—

Remove the firing pin retaining pin. Push the bolt back into the bolt carrier to the locked position.

Tap the base of the bolt carrier against the palm of your hand so the firing pin will drop out. Rotate the bolt cam pin one-quarter turn and lift the bolt cam pin out.

Withdraw the bolt assembly from the carrier. Press on the extractor's rear and use the firing pin to push out the extractor-retaining pin. Remove the extractor and spring (the spring is permanently attached to the extractor). (See fig. 2-17.)


Be careful not to damage the tip of the firing pin while pushing out the extractor-retaining pin.


The extractor assembly has a rubber insert within the spring. Do not attempt to remove it. If the spring comes loose, put the large end of the spring in the extractor and seat it. Push in the extractor pin.

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