Donning the Hasty Sling

A Marine performs the following steps to form a hasty sling:

i Hold the rifle vertical with the barrel pointing upward. l Unhook the J-hook from the lower sling swivel. l Loosen the sling keeper. l Adjust the sling until the J-hook hangs below the rifle butt. (The distance will vary based on the individual Marine, but the J-hook will usually hang approximately 3 to 10 inches below the rifle butt.) Secure the sling keeper. See figure 5-1. l Turn the sling a half turn outboard to allow the sling to lay flat against the arm. l Attach the J-hook to the lower sling swivel so the open end of the J-hook faces outboard, away from the rifle. See figure 5-2. l While holding the rifle with the right hand, place the left arm through the sling near the lower sling swivel. Slide the arm up through the sling below the half twist. The sling makes contact low on

Figure 5-1. J-hook Location.

Figure 5-2. J-hook Turned Outboard.

the arm just below the triceps, above the elbow. The sling lies flat on the back of the arm. With the left hand, grasp the handguard by pinching it in the "V" formed by the thumb and forefinger. The sling lies flat against the back or side of the wrist or on the arm near the wrist. See figure 5-3.

Move the left hand as required to level the rifle with the line of sight. Placement of the forward hand controls the tension on the sling between the back of the wrist or arm and the upper sling swivel (see fig. 5-4). This hand placement, with a straight locked wrist, will cause the sling to pull straight under the handguards and serves to stabilize the front sight of the rifle.

Move the feed end of the sling in or out of the sling keeper to adjust the hasty sling. Sling tension is in-

Figure 5-2. J-hook Turned Outboard.

Figure 5-4. Position of Forward Hand.

creased by pushing the elbow outboard. See figure 5-5. (This enables one sling setting to fit all positions.) It is important for the hasty sling to be adjusted so it supports the rifle. The sling setting must allow the left elbow to push outboard against the sling so the elbow is not inverted under the rifle.

Marine With Hasty Sling

l Locate the sling keeper near the feed end of the sling and secure so the backside or flat end of the sling keeper is against the arm.

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