Donning the Loop Sling

l Place the rifle butt on the right hip and cradle the rifle in the right arm. l Disconnect the J-hook from the lower sling swivel. l With the M-buckle near the hook, feed the sling through the top of the M-buckle to form a loop large enough to slip over the arm. See figure 5-6. l Give the loop a half turn outboard and insert the left arm through the loop, positioning the loop above the biceps. The loop is high on the left arm above the biceps muscle in such a position that it does not transmit pulse beat to the rifle. l Position the M-buckle on the outside of the left arm. See figure 5-7.

l Tighten the loop on the left arm, ensuring the M-buckle moves toward the center of the arm as the loop tightens. The sling must pull from the center of the arm to be properly positioned. In this way, as tension is applied to the sling in the firing position, the loop will tighten.

To adjust the sling for the proper length, loosen the sling keeper and pull up or down (toward or away) from the loop. This adjustment varies with every individual and every firing position. The loop should not be tightened excessively on the arm. If blood flow is restricted, excessive pulse beat is transmitted through the rifle sling to the rifle and causes a noticeable, rhythmic movement of the rifle sights. When this occurs, a stable hold at the desired aiming point is impossible to achieve.

Arm Sling Donning

Tension on the rifle sling is correct when it causes the rifle butt to be forced rearward into the pocket of the shoulder. This serves to keep the butt plate in the shoulder pocket during recoil. To increase tension on the rifle sling, the sling must be shortened. To lessen the tension, the rifle sling must be lengthened.

Move the sling keeper toward the left arm and secure it. The sling keeper should be positioned near the feed end of the sling.

Place the left hand over the sling from the left side and under the rifle. The rifle handguard should rest in the "V" formed between the thumb and forefinger and across the palm of the hand.

Move the left hand as required to achieve desired sight picture. Adjust the length of the sling for proper sling tension and support. See figure 5-8.

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