Elevation Knob

The rear sight elevation knob is used to adjust the sight for a specific range to the target. The elevation knob is indexed as shown in figure 9-5. Each number on the knob represents a distance from the target in 100-yard/ meter increments. To adjust for range to the target, rotate the elevation knob so the desired setting is aligned with the index on the left side of the receiver.

Figure 9-5. Elevation Knob.

If the elevation knob is turned so the number 8/3 aligns with the elevation index line, the 3 indicates 300 yards/meters (see fig. 9-6).

When the rear sight elevation knob is set on 8/3 for 800 yards/meters, there will be a considerable gap (about a quarter inch) between the rear sight housing and the upper receiver (see fig. 9-7).

A hasty sight setting is the setting placed on the rear sight elevation knob to engage targets beyond 300 yards/meters. Hasty sight settings for ranges of 400 to 800 yards/meters are applied by rotating the rear sight elevation knob to the number that corresponds with the engagement distance of the enemy. Aligning the num ber 4, 5, 6 or 7 with the elevation index line places the elevation at 400, 500, 600 or 700 yards/meters, respectively. If a clockwise rotation is continued, the number 8/3 appears for the second time on the elevation index line and indicates an 800 yard/meter elevation.

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