Filling the Magazine Using a round Stripper Clip and Magazine Filler

The magazine can also be filled quickly using a 10-round stripper clip and the magazine filler (see fig. 3-9).

Figure 3-10. Filling the Magazine with a Stripper Clip and Magazine Filler.

l Remove a magazine from the magazine pouch. l Slide the magazine filler into place. l Place a 10-round stripper clip into the narrow portion of the magazine filler. l Using thumb pressure on the rear of the top cartridge, press down firmly until all ten rounds are below the feed lips of the magazine. l Remove the empty stripper clip while holding the magazine filler in place. l Repeat until the desired number of rounds is inserted. The recommended number of rounds per magazine is 28 or 29. Thirty rounds in the magazine may prohibit the magazine from seating properly on a closed bolt.

l Remove magazine filler and retain it for future use. l Tap the back of the magazine to ensure the rounds are seated against the back of the magazine.

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