Offcenter Vision

Off-center vision is the technique of keeping the attention focused on an object without looking directly at it (see fig. 10-10). To search for targets using off-center vision, never look directly at the object you are observing. You will see the object much better by using off-center vision. Look slightly to the left, right, above or below the object. Experiment and practice to find the best off-center angle for you. For most people, it is about 6 to 10 degrees away from the object, or about a fist's width at arm's length.


Staring at a stationary object in the dark may make it appear to be moving. This occurs because the eye has nothing on which

Off Center Vision Army



Figure 10-10. Off-center Vision.

to reference the exact position of the object. This illusion can be prevented by visually aligning the object against something else, such as a finger at arm's length.

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