Physical Effects

The weather condition that presents the greatest problem to shooting is the wind. Wind affects a bullet's trajectory. The effect of wind on the bullet as it travels down range is referred to as deflection. The wind deflects the bullet laterally in its flight to the target (see fig. 8-1).

Figure 8-1. Deflection of a Bullet.

The bullet's exposure time to the wind determines the amount the bullet is deflected from its original trajectory. Deflection increases as the distance to the target increases. There are three factors that affect the amount of deflection of the bullet:

i Velocity of the wind—The greater the velocity of the wind, the more the bullet will be deflected. i Range to the target—As the distance to the target increases, the speed of the bullet slows allowing the wind to have a greater effect on shot placement.

i Velocity of the bullet—A bullet with a high muzzle velocity will not be affected by the wind as much as a bullet with a low muzzle velocity.

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