Pie Technique

To perform the pie technique:

l Staying behind cover, move back and away from the leading edge of the cover. The surroundings and situation will dictate the distance you should move back and away from the cover. Generally, the further back the Marine is from cover, the greater his area of observation; staying too close to cover decreases the area of observation. However, if the Marine is too far back from the leading edge of cover, he may unknowingly expose himself to the enemy.

l Assume a firing position and lower the rifle sights enough to have a clear field of view, orienting the muzzle on the leading edge of the cover. (In a building, the baseboards serve as a reference point for the muzzle of the rifle when searching for targets.)

l Taking small side steps, slowly move out from behind the cover, covering the field of view with the aiming eye and muzzle of the weapon. Wherever the eyes move, the muzzle should move (eyes, muzzle, target). The muzzle should remain on the leading edge of cover, serving as a pivot point when moving out.

l Continue taking small side steps and moving out from cover until a target is identified or the area is found to be clear.

l When a target is identified, sweep the safety, place the finger on the trigger, and engage the target.

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