Presenting the Rifle From the Alert Carry and From the Ready Carry

The Marine uses the Alert Carry when enemy contact is likely. The Alert is also used for moving in close terrain (e.g., urban, jungle).

The Marine uses the Ready Carry when enemy contact is imminent.

To present the rifle from the Alert and from the Ready, a Marine performs the following steps once a target appears:

i While looking at the target, bring the muzzle up by raising the left hand, allowing the rifle butt to pivot in the shoulder. At the same time, pull the rifle firmly into the pocket of the shoulder. i As the rifle is being presented, take the rifle off safe and place the trigger finger on the trigger (see figs. 7-3a, 7-3b, and 7-3c). i As the stock makes contact with the cheek, level the rifle to obtain proper stock weld. i Do not move the head down to meet rifle stock.


If the rifle is in the shoulder properly, the aiming eye will be able to look through the rear sight as soon as the stock makes contact with the cheek.

i As the sights become level with the aiming eye, visually locate the target through the rear sight aperture. As the rifle sights settle, shift the focus back to the front sight post to obtain sight alignment, and place the tip of the post center mass on the target to obtain sight picture.

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