Presenting the Rifle From the Strong Side Sling Arms Transport

Once a target appears, a Marine performs the following to present the rifle from Strong Side Sling Arms:

M16 Strong Side Sling Arms

While looking at the target, lean forward slightly to facilitate removal of the rifle from the shoulder.

Reach under the right arm with the left hand between the sling and the body and grasp the handguards. See figure 7-4). At the same time, pull down on the sling and raise right elbow out and parallel to the deck.

Roll the right shoulder forward and release the sling from the right hand once the hand-

guards have cleared the elbow. At the same time, pull rifle forward off the shoulder with left hand. Continue pulling the rifle forward with the left hand while rotating the rifle parallel to the deck; when the right arm is free of the sling and the rifle clears all personal gear, grasp the charging handle with the right hand (see fig. 7-5) and pull it to its rearmost position and release.

Establish a firing grip with right hand while keeping the trigger finger straight along the receiver.

Take rifle off safe and place the trigger finger on the trigger (see figs. 7-3a, 7-3b, and 7-3c).

Level the rifle while pulling it firmly into the pocket of the shoulder to obtain proper stock weld. Do not move the head down to meet the stock of the rifle.

Stock Weld


If the rifle is in the shoulder properly, the aiming eye will be able to look through the rear sight as soon as the stock makes contact with the cheek.

i As the sights become level with the aiming eye, visually locate the target through the rear sight aperture. As the rifle sights settle, shift the focus back to the front sight post to obtain sight alignment, and place the tip of the post center mass on the target to obtain sight picture.

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