Principles of Reloading

The first priority when performing a reload is to get the rifle reloaded and back into action. The second priority when performing a reload is to retain the magazine so when you move, the magazine moves with you. When time permits, retain magazines securely on your person (e.g., in magazine pouch, flak jacket, and cargo pocket). The combat situation may dictate dropping the magazine to the deck when performing a reload. This is acceptable as long as it is picked up before moving to another location.

Take cover before reloading. Always reload before leaving cover to take advantage of the protection provided by cover.

When moving, your focus should be on moving, therefore every effort should be made to not reload while on the move.

When reloading, your focus is on the magazine change.

When reloading, draw the weapon in close to your body so you can see what you are doing and retain positive control of the magazine.

When the new magazine is inserted, tug on it to ensure it is seated. Do not slam the magazine into the weapon hard enough to cause a round to partially pop out of the magazine. This action will cause a double feed and require remedial action.

Retain your empty magazines. When there is a lull in the action, refill those magazines so they will be available for future use.

During a lull in the action, replace your magazine when you know you are low on ammunition. This ensures a full magazine of ammunition in the rifle should action resume. Do not wait until the magazine is completely empty to replace it.

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