Procedures for Unload and Show Clear

On the command "Unload and Show Clear," the Marine will perform the following steps to take the rifle from any condition to Condition 4:

l With a straight trigger finger, point the rifle in the clearing barrel. l Ensure the weapon is on safe. l Remove the magazine from the rifle and retain it on your person.

l While cupping the left hand under the ejection port, rotate the weapon until the ejection port is facing down.

l Pull the charging handle to the rear and catch the round in the left hand. l Lock the bolt to the rear.

l Ensure the chamber is empty and no ammunition is present.

l Have an observer inspect the weapon to ensure no ammunition is present. The observer:

n Visually inspects chamber to ensure it is empty, no ammunition is present, and the magazine is removed.

n Ensures the weapon is on safe.

n Acknowledges the rifle is clear.

l After receiving acknowledgment from the observer that the rifle is clear, the Marine releases the bolt catch and observes the bolt moving forward on an empty chamber.

l Close the ejection port cover. l Check the sights (for proper BZO setting, correct rear sight aperture, etc.). l Place any ejected round into the magazine and return the magazine to the magazine pouch and close the magazine pouch.

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    How to unload and show clear?
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