Procedures for Unload

On the command "Unload," the Marine will perform the following steps to take the rifle from any condition to Condition 4:

l With a straight trigger finger, point the rifle in the clearing barrel. Ensure the weapon is on safe. Remove the magazine from the rifle and retain it on your person.

While cupping the left hand under the ejection port, rotate weapon until the ejection port is facing down. Pull the charging handle to the rear and catch the round in the left hand (see fig. 3-17). Lock the bolt to the rear. Put weapon on safe if not already on safe. Ensure that the chamber is empty and that no ammunition is present.

Release the charging handle and observe the bolt moving forward on an empty chamber. Close the ejection port cover. Check the sights (for proper BZO setting, correct rear sight aperture, etc.). l Place any ejected round into the magazine and return the magazine to the magazine pouch and close the magazine pouch.

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