Reassembly Reassembling the Rifle

l Return all cleaning gear into the buttstock of the rifle and close the buttplate.

l Connect the buffer and action spring and insert them into the buffer tube/stock.

l Place the extractor and spring back on the bolt. Depress the extractor to align the holes and reinsert the extractor pin.

l Insert the bolt into the carrier. Do not switch bolts between rifles.

l Hold the bolt carrier with the bolt carrier key at 12 o' clock. Insert the bolt into the bolt carrier with the extractor at 12 o' clock.

l Rotate the bolt counterclockwise until the cam pinhole aligns to the cam pin slot in the bolt carrier.


A Ensure the cam pin is installed in the bolt group N or the rifle may explode while firing. I

l Insert the bolt cam pin through the bolt carrier and into the bolt. Rotate the cam pin 1/4 turn right or left. Pull the bolt forward until it stops. l Drop in the firing pin from the rear of the bolt carrier and seat it. l Replace the firing pin retaining pin. Ensure the head of the firing pin retaining pin is recessed inside the bolt carrier. The firing pin should not fall out when the bolt carrier group is turned upside down. l Place the charging handle in the upper receiver by lining it up with the grooves in the receiver. Push the charging handle partially in. l With the bolt in the unlocked position, place bolt carrier key into the groove of the charging handle. l Push the charging handle and bolt carrier group into the upper receiver until the charging handle locks. l Join the upper and lower receivers and engage the receiver pivot pin. l Ensure the selector lever is on safe before closing the upper receiver. Close the upper and lower receiver groups. Push in the takedown pin. l Install the handguards. l Attach the sling.

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