Standing Position with the Parade Sling

The parade sling is used to emphasize marksmanship fundamentals while firing from the standing position on KD courses during entry-level training. To achieve proper positioning of the parade sling, perform the following steps:

l Attach sling to rifle by placing feed end of sling down through the upper sling swivel. l Place feed end of sling through sling keeper and lock into place. l Attach J-hook to lower sling swivel. l Pull feed end of sling through sling keeper until sling is taut.

l Move sling keeper down near feed end of sling. l Lock sling keeper into place.

Perform the following steps to assume the standing position with a parade sling (figure 5-61):

l Stand erect.

l Face approximately 90 degrees to the right of the line of fire.

l Place feet approximately shoulder width apart.

l Place left hand under handguard.

l Grasp pistol grip with right hand.

l Place rifle butt into right shoulder pocket.

l Invert left elbow across rib cage.

l Rest left arm naturally against rib cage.

l Lower right elbow to a natural position.

l Place cheek firmly against stock to obtain a firm stock weld.

Stock Weld
Figure 5-61. Standing Position with the Parade Sling.

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