Supported Kneeling

When the prone position cannot be used because of the height of the support, the supported kneeling position may be appropriate. The kneeling position provides additional mobility over the prone position.

l The kneeling position allows shooting from all sides and from cover of varying sizes. This position may be altered to maximize the use of cover or support by assuming a variation of the kneeling position (high, medium or low). l In the kneeling position, the Marine must not telegraph his position behind the cover with his knee. When shooting around the sides of cover, the Marine should strive to keep his right knee in line with his left foot so as not to reveal the position to the enemy. See figure 6-24. l Support the position by placing the handguards, the forearm, or the magazine on or against support. In addition, the position (e.g., a knee, the side of the body) may rest against support (see fig. 6-25). l If the rifle is resting on support, the Marine may not need to stabilize the weapon by placing his left elbow on his knee (see fig. 6-26).

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