Tactical Carry

A Marine carries the rifle at the tactical carry if no immediate threat is present. The tactical carry permits control of the rifle while a Marine is moving, yet it still allows quick engagement of the enemy. A Marine performs the following steps to assume the tactical carry:

l Place left hand on the handguards, right hand around the pistol grip, trigger finger straight along the receiver (see fig. 3-17), and right thumb on top of the selector lever (see fig. 3-18).

Weak Side Sling Arms Muzzle Down

l Place the buttstock along the side of the body at approximately hip level. l Angle the muzzle upward about 45 degrees in a safe direction. l Position the muzzle in front of the eyes, slightly below eye level (see fig. 3-19). l Move the head and the eyes with the muzzle as it moves.

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