The Tracking Method

The tracking method is used for a target that is moving at a steady pace over a well-determined route. If a Marine uses the tracking method, he tracks the target with the rifle's front sight post while maintaining sight alignment and a point of aim on or ahead of (leading) the target until the shot is fired. When establishing a lead on a moving target, rifle sights will not be centered on the target and instead will be held on a lead in front of the target. See figure 10-8. A Marine performs the following steps to execute the tracking methods:

i Present the rifle to the target. i Swing rifle muzzle through the target (from the rear of the target to the front) to the desired lead (point of aim). The point of aim may be on the target or some point in front of the target depending upon the target's range, speed, and angle of movement. i Track and maintain focus on the front sight post while acquiring the desired sight picture. It may be necessary to shift the focus between the front sight post and the target while acquiring sight picture, but the focus must be on the tip of the front sight post when the shot is fired. i Engage the target once sight picture is acquired while maintaining the proper lead. i Follow-through so the lead is maintained as the bullet exits the muzzle. i Continue to track in case a second shot needs to be fired on the target.

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