Types of Supported Positions Supported Prone

If possible, a Marine should use the supported prone position when firing from behind cover. This position is the steadiest, provides the lowest silhouette, and provides maximum protection from enemy fire.

l Support the position by placing the handguards, the forearm, or the magazine on or against support (see fig. 6-21).

Figure 6-21. Supported Prone.

l The prone position can be assumed behind a tree, a wall, a log, or almost any type of cover. It is flexible and allows shooting from all sides of cover and from cover of various sizes. l The body must be adjusted to conform to the cover. For example, if the cover is narrow, keep the legs together. The body should be in line with the rifle and directly behind the rifle (see figs. 6-22 and 6-23). This presents a smaller target to the enemy and provides more body mass to absorb recoil.

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