Unloading and Showing the Rifle Clear

Perform the following steps to unload the rifle and show it clear to an observer (take the rifle to Condition 4). The Marine—

l Ensures the weapon is on safe. l Removes the magazine from the rifle and retains it. l Cups the left hand under the ejection port, rotates the weapon until the ejection port faces down. l Pulls the charging handle to the rear and catches the round in the left hand. l Locks the bolt to the rear and ensures the chamber is empty and that no ammunition is present. l Has another Marine inspect the weapon to ensure no ammunition is present (see fig. 3-7).

Figure 3-7. Observer Inspection.

The observer—

l Visually inspects the chamber to ensure it is empty, no ammunition is present, and the magazine is removed. l Ensures the weapon is on safe. l Acknowledges the rifle is clear.

The Marine, after receiving acknowledgment that the rifle is clear—

l Depresses the bolt catch and observes the bolt moving forward on an empty chamber. l Closes the ejection port cover. l Checks the sights (for proper BZO setting, correct rear sight aperture, etc.). l Places any ejected round into the magazine and returns the magazine to the magazine pouch and closes the magazine pouch.

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