Upper Receiver

To disassemble the upper receiver—

l Place the rifle on the buttstock. Press down on the slip ring with both hands. Pull the handguards free (see fig. 2-16).

Use caution when the handguards are off the rifle. Handguards provide protection for the gas tube. Damage to the gas tube adversely affects the functioning of the rifle.

l Move the take down pin from the left to the right as far as it will go to allow the lower receiver to pivot down from the upper receiver.

l Move the receiver pivot pin from left to right as far as it will go and separate the upper and lower receivers.

l Pull back the charging handle and bolt carrier about 3 inches and remove the bolt carrier group.

l Remove the charging handle by sliding it back and down, out of the upper receiver.

No further disassembly is conducted on the upper receiver group.

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