User Serviceability Inspection

Individual Marines must perform user serviceability inspections on their weapons before firing them. This inspection ensures the weapon is in an acceptable operating condition.

l Place rifle in Condition 4 (see para. 3002). l Conduct a function check. l Check the rifle to ensure the following: l Compensator is tight. l Barrel is tight. l Front sight post is straight. l Front sight post is adjustable. l Handguards are serviceable.

l Rear sight elevation and windage knobs are adjustable and have distinct clicks. l Stock is tight on the lower receiver. l Weapon is properly lubricated for operational conditions.

l Barrel is clear of obstructions. l Gas rings are serviceable. l Ensure magazines are serviceable. l Load the rifle with an empty magazine. Ensure that the magazine can be seated. l Without depressing the bolt catch, pull the charging handle to the rear. Ensure that the bolt locks to the rear.

l Depress the upper portion of the bolt catch and observe bolt moving forward on an empty chamber.

Ensure the bolt moves completely forward and locks in the chamber.

l Repeat this procedure with all magazines.

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