In many combat situations, particularly in urban environments, a vehicle may be the best form of cover. When using a vehicle for cover, the engine block provides the most protection from small arms fire. The Marine should establish a position behind the front wheel so the engine block is between him and the target (see figs. 6-7 and 6-8). From this position, the Marine may fire over, under or around the vehicle. This is a particularly effective position for larger vehicles that are high off the ground.

The Marine can establish additional support for the rifle by positioning himself behind the doorjamb (frame of door) and placing the rifle against the "V" formed by the open door and doorframe (see figure 6-9). From this position, the Marine may fire over the hood of the vehicle while using the engine block for protection.

However, this position limits lateral mobility and it is more difficult to maneuver from.

At the back of the vehicle, only the axle and the wheel provide cover. If the Marine must shoot from the back of the vehicle, he must position himself directly behind the wheel as much as possible (see fig. 6-10).

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